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Importance of Soil Testing: Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies, Soil pH Imbalance & More

Importance of Soil Testing: Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies, Soil pH Imbalance & More on the green inc
A soil test is essential for determining what is in your soil and lets you know how to improve your soil’s health.

To have a healthy, beautiful lawn, you need to start with fertile soil. Good soil retains water, releases nutrients for plants and grass, and drains properly. Your lawn’s soil requires adequate nutrients, optimal pH levels, and organic matter to be fertile. Guessing your way through the process means too little or too much fertilizer, resulting in unhealthy plants and damaging water sources. A soil test is essential for determining what is in your soil and lets you know how to improve your soil’s health. Let’s go over the importance of soil testing.

What is Soil Testing?

Soil tests provide a detailed analysis of your soil’s pH and the essential nutrients needed for soil, including potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, and manganese. Testing your soil reveals what nutrients your lawn and plants need to grow and recommends which fertilizer to add to your soil. This also saves you from wasting time and money on the wrong kind of fertilizer. Several soil samples are taken from approximately six inches deep and from different spots on your lawn for a soil test. 

Why is pH Important?

Your soil’s pH levels affect the available nutrients for your plants. Determining what your plants need is vital to applying the proper nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Testing the pH of your soil will tell you what plants are best suited for that area. Sometimes your soil needs supplements, like fertilizers and soil pH adjusters, for plants to thrive. Measuring the pH can help you figure out what and how much you need.

Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies

Sometimes it is difficult to recognize if your plants are starving or suffering from nutrient deficiency. Eventually, they will succumb to stunted growth, fading color and vibrancy, and even dead plants. Soil analysis helps you identify nutrient deficiency before it gets too bad and informs you of the current health of your lawn. For example, too much nitrogen can damage roots or acidify the soil. While nitrogen deficiencies cause yellowing of leaves or slow plant growth. Phosphorus deficiencies slow plant growth, compromise flower production, and causes discoloration in older leaves. Lastly, a lack of potassium in the soil adversely affects stem strength, disease sensitivity, and the taste or quality of fruits and vegetables.

Soil Testing Prevents Fertilizer Waste

Adding fertilizer to your lawn without knowing what nutrients are in your soil, leads to over-fertilization, fertilizer burn, and increased risk of soil erosion. Knowing the exact chemical composition of your soil will help determine the quantity and type of fertilizer necessary. Too many nutrients cause an imbalance leading to runoff and water contamination, but too little will starve your plants. Testing your soil before fertilizing prevents over-fertilization, reduces chemicals leaking into water sources and protects the environment!

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James Cunningham

James Cunningham

“This our sixth season with On The Green. They installed our irrigation system and have maintained our lawns. This a very well run family company with personal service. I would highly recommend this company. I give them five stars in my book. I am a well satisfied customer.”

Lynda Todd-Sanchez

Lynda Todd-Sanchez

"I moved into the house I grew up in. There was nothing but weeds and tons of bare spots. This will be my second season with On the Green. I have to admit my grass almost looks like a carpet. I highly recommend this company they're affordable dependable and very easy to work with."

Edna Smith Miller

Edna Smith Miller

"On The Green is the BEST! I have used other companies, but there is no comparison. I was just admiring my lawn this morning - saying that it is beautiful and looks like a green carpet. In addition to my lawn care, they also service my in-ground sprinkler system. Customer service is top-notch."

Gary Griffiths

Gary Griffiths

"We recently hired On the Green to take care of our yard. Our grass is starting to look better. Today they showed up to clean up the leaves and other things that blow into our yard from the park across the road. These two guys did a fantastic job. We have a low sitting deck and they managed to get the leaves out from under it. On the Green has a 5 star rating with us."

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