Everything You Should Know About Crabgrass

As lawn care experts, On The Green is fully equipped to prevent or remove your crabgrass without harming the rest of your lawn. Crabgrass is a common weed in Maryland that can eventually take over your lawn. We start your weed prevention early as part of our lawn care services. At the start of the growing season in March l, we treat your lawn with Pre-Emergent Weed Control with Fertilizer. A pre-emergent weed control prevents the seeds of the crabgrass from germinating, ensuring they never take root. Our initial application lasts for up to 8 month in the soil, preventing crabgrass. Then we reinforce prevention with a second application with a different active ingredient that controls breakthrough weeds and extends prevention.

What Crabgrass Likes

Unfortunately, it is easy to make your lawn into the perfect crabgrass growing conditions. Mowing your lawn too short will leave plenty of space for crabgrass to take root. Additionally, it favors lawns with dirt patches as well. It is a short plant that wants to spread itself out across your lawn, stealing sunlight and nutrients from your good grass. Weeds are excellent at growing, which makes it hard to get rid of on your own. That is why On The Green has developed several treatment at both preventing and removing annuals weeds like crabgrass.

Removing Crabgrass Without Herbicides

To remove crabgrass by hand, you must pull it from the root. Otherwise, the plant will keep growing. Mowing your lawn will not get rid of the crabgrass because you will not remove the roots that way. However, mowing your lawn at 3-4 inches high during the growing season will ensure your lawn is healthy and crabgrass free. There are appropriate weeding tools on the market to assist as this is an excellent way to deal with a new infestation.

Let Us Help You Keep Crabgrass Away

The best way to keep your lawn free of crabgrass is to keep it healthy and full. If you are sick of pulling crabgrass from your lawn, at On The Green we combine good maintenance practices with excellent products to reduce weed problems. With advanced products we effectively and safely achieve the desired results. As an environmentally-conscious landscaping business, we provide services in accordance with findings from the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension. We follow a strict treatment schedule throughout the year that prevents weeds and then follow up with guaranteed spot treatment of any existing weeds.

On The Green Lawn Care is Here for You!

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