Premium Bug Guard

There are plenty of things to love about summer. But, without a doubt, one of the least pleasant is whenever you encounter bugs. When you’ve had enough with all of the bugs, our solution will excite you: On The Green, Inc.’s Premium Bug Guard program. In this strategic program, we consolidate all of our bug control services into one effective treatment. Different types of pests require specific types of applications to target the problem at the source.

Our Premium Bug Guard Program

Our Premium Bug Guard Program can control a wide range of pest species. We promise that every area of your property will be properly protected. Each service visit can determine the areas needing protection and which areas are relatively safe but could do with more protection anyway. Your home, lawn, and landscape all matter. Our Bug Guard program removes and repels mosquitoes, along with ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, centipedes, silverfish, crickets, and more. Nine service visits are scheduled throughout the year. These visits are prioritized when insects are the most active; this approach pinpoints the pests and creates a shield they can’t enter. Our services are already the best in the business. A 30-day guarantee is also built into the offer, so rest easy and enjoy the outdoors pest-free this season!

What Our Technician Does

Our technicians complete seven important steps every time they visit. Step one is to broom-sweep the eaves to clear away the nests that already exist. They’ll also make recommendations to address entry points or the potential sources where pests can breed and congregate (such as standing water or cracks in the foundation). Then, they’ll apply a barrier insecticide meant to control insects back to the colony. Finally, if you have canopies or other hanging elements in your home, the technician will address this potential vulnerability. They do this by applying a mosquito mist to the canopies and anywhere else the mosquitoes might hide.

Our techs also use an organic insect repellent. This treatment will protect outdoor living areas. Finally, each technician applies an organic larvae treatment to standing water. This strategy also discourages future waves of bugs and insects from using these areas to breed.

More Things to Know

As effective as our various anti-bug protection programs are, they may not necessarily overlap with one another. As such, a formula meant to kill spiders might not work to kill ants. Our treatments and programs vary. Our organic pest control formula works better as a repellent than a standard bug killer. Ultimately, each plan is intended to cover your home, your lawn, and your garden. The objective is to keep insects away, allowing our customers to enjoy their property. Nine treatments a year will be scheduled on 30-day rotations. Nothing will be overlooked!

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