Perimeter Pest Control Program

The Perimeter Control Program is one of our signature programs. This service is intended to create an invisible barrier around the perimeter of your home. Everything is covered, including foundations, windows, cracks, and other hidden crevices of your home are treated to prevent insect infiltration. Pests controlled include centipedes, silverfish, crickets, spiders, cockroaches, and ants from sneaking into your home when you least expect it.

The Perimeter Pest Service

Once our Perimeter Pest Service begins, you can expect nine service visits. These visits occur during periods when the insects, bugs, and arachnids are at peak activity levels. Such a strategy is meant to target outdoor insects before they can get inside. The targeted pests are killed, and the barrier also wards off new insects for the next four weeks. So, you can expect another month of peace without seeing these creepy-crawlies around. We are so confident in the performance of our special formulas that it’s guaranteed for 30 days, or we will re-treat for free!

The Steps Involved

We will spray an insecticide to a ten-foot perimeter around your home with each service visit, and all cracks, openings, foundations, and steps are also treated. Our products last for several weeks and will create an invisible barrier to the exterior of your home. Every 30 days, the next treatment begins to provide continued protection.

Every time our technician visits, they will broom-sweep to remove the nesting insects already present, including spider webs and wasp nests in the eaves and soffits up to 20 feet high. The next step centers on identifying and treating bug infiltration. Your technician can recommend ways to remedy the situation by identifying structural or landscape problems leading insects into the home. Finally, the tech will apply a barrier insecticide around your home. This application works to repel and kill any nuisance insects that attempt to infiltrate your home.

How to Recognize Signs of Pest Infestations

We’d now like to tell you about recognizing the early warning signs of pest presence in your home. The sooner you act, the less severe the infestation will become. In other words, it’s easier to kill what’s already there when their numbers are still small.

A Suspicious Buildup

Whenever you see a buildup of dirt that certainly wasn’t there before, then it could indicate the beginnings of a pest infestation. Bugs, spiders, beetles, ants, and cockroaches, for example, can leave behind residue that is sometimes interpreted as dirt. They also prefer to hide in humid spaces that are relatively enclosed. That’s why it’s so common to find them congregating in basements and attic spaces. Grease stains, crumbs, food particles, and dirt smudges could be the result of neglected cleaning; however, sometimes, it can result from previously unknown insect activity.

Pest Droppings

As disgusting as this prospect is, pest droppings are another indicator of a potential infestation. The most common insect droppings you will encounter include flakes of skin, pieces of wing, feces, and other body parts. Pest excrement (known as Frass) are pest droppings or sticky residues that can lead to mold accumulating on surfaces or even plants. When you see spiderwebs, it’s also a pretty clear sign that bugs are nearby since spiders are predators that need prey (insects) to survive.

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