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On The Green, Inc is Excited to Offer Our Organic Pest Control Service!

With the arrival of summer officially here, you’re going to want to spend more time outside. Outdoor living areas can’t be enjoyed to their fullest when you’re constantly dealing with ants, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and other such nuisances. What a way to ruin a picnic! But your Lawn Care Team at On The Green, Inc. has a wonderful way to keep the bugs and other unwanted critters away from your home and property without the concern of using pesticides: our Organic Pest Control Service!

100% Organic!

Yes, it’s true! Our specialized formula is indeed 100% organic. This service aims to get rid of the nuisance bugs that can ruin your time spent outdoors. These intruders are also known to harm your pets, transmit disease, and then get into your kitchen – Don’t let them do that to you!

Our Organic Pest Control service includes eight service visits throughout the active seasons. These visits focus on controlling, reducing, and eradicating pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, ticks, and other such pests. Not only does each application kill the pests that are already there, but it also continues to repel incoming insects for three weeks! You and your family can resume outdoor activities without worry.

What Our Technician Does

Let’s talk a little more about what our technician does when they come by to work on your property. By broom-sweeping, our techs can remove existing pests that are actively nesting. This technique also clears up spiderwebs hidden in areas of your home’s exterior that can be hard to reach – as high as 25 feet.

Step two focuses on the treatment of standing water and other areas to prevent insect breeding. The water treatment product we use is organic and 100% safe for people, pets, birds, fish, and everything else except insects.

As with our other pest control programs, our technician will give their professional advice on how to improve your property. In what regard, you might ask? Simple: decreasing the amount of activity. In other words, they’ll suggest how you can reduce breeding sites and other vulnerable areas that the insects can use as a safe place to rest before attacking.

The fourth and final step involves a spray-mist application of an Organic Insect Control and Repellent. This application is directed towards any parts of your property – or adjacent to it – where bugs of all types tend to hide: lawns, landscapes, under decks, and in wooded areas with thick foliage. Our organic spray acts by both repelling and killing on contact.

More Information You Should Know

So with all of that in mind, what else should you know about our Organic Pest Control Services? First of all, they are completely safe for people, pets, and animals. Being 100% Organic, you don’t have to worry!

Special Offers

We frequently run specials on our packages and services. If you are looking for professional lawn care, but are on a tight budget, take a look at our specials and see what On The Green can do for you!

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James Cunningham

James Cunningham

“This our sixth season with On The Green. They installed our irrigation system and have maintained our lawns. This a very well run family company with personal service. I would highly recommend this company. I give them five stars in my book. I am a well satisfied customer.”

Lynda Todd-Sanchez

Lynda Todd-Sanchez

"I moved into the house I grew up in. There was nothing but weeds and tons of bare spots. This will be my second season with On the Green. I have to admit my grass almost looks like a carpet. I highly recommend this company they're affordable dependable and very easy to work with."

Edna Smith Miller

Edna Smith Miller

"On The Green is the BEST! I have used other companies, but there is no comparison. I was just admiring my lawn this morning - saying that it is beautiful and looks like a green carpet. In addition to my lawn care, they also service my in-ground sprinkler system. Customer service is top-notch."

Gary Griffiths

Gary Griffiths

"We recently hired On the Green to take care of our yard. Our grass is starting to look better. Today they showed up to clean up the leaves and other things that blow into our yard from the park across the road. These two guys did a fantastic job. We have a low sitting deck and they managed to get the leaves out from under it. On the Green has a 5 star rating with us."

Happy Customers

We offer custom lawn care and pest control solutions to residential and commercial properties.   Every customer receives a custom program to offer solutions to every problem, whether big or small

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