Why choose ON THE GREEN, INC. as your lawn care provider?

  1. We are a Certified Pesticide and Professional Fertilizer Applicator by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.
  2. Every service we perform includes industry Top-Rated Products including Poly-coated slow release fertilizers, Organics and Certified Seed Cultivars.
  3. Guaranteed Results: We offer a friendly, professional service with an industry leading guarantee to get results! 
  4. We are a Landscape Industry Expert: In additional to Lawn Care we offer Pest Control, Tree and Shrub Care and Irrigation Maintenance.
  5. Custom Green Care: We are a local community business that succeeds by achieving better results through a customized service and attention to detail.

​On The Green, Inc. will customize each fertilize program to meet the specific needs of your property according to the turf type, soil conditions, current weather patterns, sun exposure and disease history.  Your lawn will be inspected at each visit to ensure it remains healthy and pest free.

Our Lawn Insecticide Application is offered as an optional application to prevent a variety of turf damaging and pest insects before they become a problem.  This low toxicity application keeps the enviroment in mind while keeping fleas, ticks and grubs in check.

 Other Services:    The following services can be offered as part of our Green Care Lawn Program

Core Aeration and Seeding- Aerating and Seeding is essential to reduce compaction and maintain density of turf coverage.  Seeding includes a certified Tall Fescue Blend using a mixture of cultivars with different benefits to reduce the potential of problem areas.

Grub Control-
When insect larvae cause damage to the lawns root system Grub Control is an effective method of eliminating these pests for the entire growing season.

Irrigation Maintenance- This service combines our knowledge of irrigation and landscaping to create an ideal watering schedule. Our programs use less water, save on utility expenses, have fewer environmental impacts and promote better plant health.

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