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Custom landscape design starts with an understanding of what types of plants will thrive on your property.  A comprehensive review of sun and shade exposure, soil conditions and maintenance interests will help with creating the landscape of your dreams.   Our designs incorporate hardy native plants with a variety of seasonal colors that will impress for years to come.  

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        Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting offers a unique outdoor experience after hours.  Our goal is to utilize the landscape, structures and layout of your property to add beauty to your home, create usable after hours living space and increase security.   
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          Turf Care and Irrigation Specialist

 The most important aspect in creating a quality appearance to your  property is a sustainable turf and landscape.  On The Green, Inc. specializes in Turf Care and Irrigation to create the optimal environment and achieve the best possible results for your property.   Our Green Care Programs create the difference between average and exceptional.

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