Are You Looking for the Very Best Lawn Care Services in Arnold, Maryland? 

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Have you been searching for the best lawn care service around town?

For the Arnold homeowners out there, we have some great news! Have you been searching for the best lawn care service around town? If so, look no further! The team at On The Green Inc is delighted to take care of your lawn, so you won’t need to worry about strategies to keep it healthy year-round. Let us explain how the methods, techniques, and approaches we use are so well-regarded by homeowners throughout our wide network of service areas!

Flea, Ant, and Tick Control 

Fleas, ants, and ticks can be unsightly on the lawn and be a nuisance to people and pets alike! These two reasons should be at the top of your list when you’re choosing a partner to take care of your landscape for you. Despite how hot it is in July and August, you’ll want to spend as much time enjoying your yard.  Bugs, insects, and other pests can ruin your fun. Ticks and mosquitoes are notorious for carrying Lyme’s disease and other life-threatening conditions.  Rely on an expert to minimize these pests and safeguard your family.  

Although ants seem like only annoying nuisances, they post a much bigger problem than just swarming everywhere. Their bites can trigger allergic reactions and these unwanted guests can destroy a garden. Once their colony grows large enough, they’ll find ways to infiltrate your home as well. 

Fleas are nasty and something you don’t want clinging onto you or your pets. They’re incredibly sneaky; they’ll hide in the dirt for over three months. As soon as they detect potential (and unwitting) hosts are coming closer, they’ll jump into ambushing you!  

Benefits of Our Flea, Ant, and Tick-Related Lawn Care Services

We don’t frivolously claim to be the best lawn care company around town. As a matter of fact, our lawn care services are so highly-rated for several good reasons:

  1. The insecticide we use to eliminate these unwanted visitors feature low-toxicity formulas. In other words, they’re not that much different from the substances found in flea and tick collars. They stop the bugs cold in their tracks in a safe but effective manner without direct application to a pet.
  2. Our services also kill off the bugs before they can bite and transmit any diseases or parasites.
  3. Virtually all pest insects can be stopped. We use targeted applications to bottle them up in their breeding grounds. This tactic prevents them from spreading too far and too fast!     

On The Green Lawn Care is Here for You! 

On The Green, Inc. was established in 1994. We started out as a small business that served the local community. In the decades since, we’ve expanded tremendously by focusing on quality, customer service, and outstanding results.  Incorporated in 1997, our brand has become renowned throughout the state of Maryland. Do you adore social media? Email us at [email protected], call us at 410-695-0444, and find us at our street address: 777 Annapolis Road, Gambrills, Maryland 21054. Come grow with us on Facebook and Google.  

Our Lawn Care Services

Greener Healthier Lawns & Pest Control

Customer Reviews

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"On The Green has changed the appearance of my house! My lawn is GREEN, full and no weeds, and they are always available whenever I have a question. My neighbors are always asking how my lawn looks so good! I highly recommend them!"

— Adam J. Itzel ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On the Green was the only lawn service to properly diagnosis a fungus in our lawn. I had replaced the sod twice before on the suggestion of other companies. It always ended up dying and our yard always looked terrible in the front. Our lawn now looks thick, healthy and without weeds! It definitely is a standout in the neighborhood! Have been using On the Green with great success for about 3 years. Still happy with them! Highly recommend!!

— Michelle E. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Special Offers

Save Money Today! We frequently run specials on our packages and services. If you are looking for professional lawn care, but are on a tight budget, take a look at our specials and see what On The Green, Inc. can do for you!

  • $29.99 First Lawn Care Application*

    * Up to 8K sq feet. New customers only. One discount per customer.

    Offer Does Not Expire.
  • 5% Discount for All Military

    * 5% Discount not valid with other promotions.

    Offer Does Not Expire.
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You’re Unique… and your lawn care should be too

On The Green, Inc. knows that each lawn is unique, and each needs special treatment. Over the years, we developed an integrated lawn program that covers all your property’s needs including care and protection, no matter the season.

  • Our Mission

    We strive every day to offer each customer the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and customer care. Our commitment to our projects, high-quality services, and work ethics are what make On The Green, Inc., the informed consumer’s contractor of choice in Maryland.

  • Our Specialty

    The experts at On The Green, Inc. specialized in integrated services, ranging from irrigation to fertilization, insect and disease protection, and organic nutrition, among others, to maximize the health, safety, and thriving capabilities of your lawn and landscape.

  • How We Work

    For us, every project is essential, no matter how big or small. We work hard to use our knowledge and expertise to produce an outstanding result every time. We start with a visit and a thorough discussion about what you want. Our experts make their recommendations, and we develop a plan for your property.

Areas We Service in Maryland

On The Green, Inc. offers an array of lawn care and pest control services to maximize the health, safety, and thriving capabilities of lawns and landscapes for the residential and commercial properties we service in Maryland. We are proud to service customers with their lawn and pest control needs in the following areas in Maryland:

areas we serve map
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Why You Should Work with Us

  1. We are Certified Pesticide and Professional Fertilizer Applicators by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

  2. Every service we perform includes industry top-rated products, including Poly-coated slow-release fertilizers, organic nutrients, and Certified Seed Cultivars.

  3. We offer a friendly professional service with guaranteed results.

  4. We are industry experts with years of experience in providing integrated lawn and landscape services, from lawn treatments to irrigation, tree and shrub care, and pest control.

  5. As a local community business, our success depends on great results and your satisfaction. You will notice the attention to detail and professionalism in every service we offer.

  6. We put safety first- safety for you, our staff and the environment is first in every service we perform and every product we use.

Tips &Tricks on Lawn Care from On The Green

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